Bozikovich back from midwest

Joe Bozikovich is a 6-2, 265-pound defensive lineman from Portland (Ore) Wilson, and Joe just recently returned from a trip out to the midwest where he had the opportunity to see three campuses and participate in two team camps. How was his experience?
July 30, 2003

West Pre-Season Rankings: The Defensive Linemen

It was a tradition on the old PacWestFootball site that July was the time for pre-season football rankings. Here's our first look at the top players in the region and since the offense is usually given the most love, we'll start out with the defense this time and look at the top defensive linemen in the region.
July 18, 2003 Northwest Hot 100 - 12/1

It's time to re-visit the Northwest Hot 100 one more time. Now that nearly everyone's season is complete, some players are really showing why they deserve to be considered top Division-1 recruits. Here's our revised list, including where (if any) they have decided to play their college ball.
July 2, 2003