Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Redskins, Part One

In this exclusive preview of Sunday's Seahawks-Redskins game, Doug Farrar of Seahawks.NET and Rich Tandler of Warpath Insiders go back and forth with twenty questions about their respective teams. In Part One of a four-part series, Farrar answers five of Tandler's questions about the Seahawks.
September 27, 2005

NFC West News and Notes - 7/4/05

The Seahawks' receivers try new ways to keep their hands on the ball, the Rams re-tool their offensive line, Kurt Warner gets honored in Arizona, and San Francisco looks to jumpstart a brand new offense in this week's NFC West News and Notes.
July 3, 2005

2005 Free Agent Wide Receivers

"What the Seahawks need, and do not have, is a franchise receiver who can help set the offense's pace. Especially in the prototye West Coast Offense favored by Mike Holmgren, a top-ten wideout is a must.'s list of free-agent wide receivers provides some interesting options..."
February 12, 2005

Extra Points: "It's Good to Have a Pulse"

"Okay, so it's great to be all excited about a big win, but we still can't lose sight of the big picture. We still have three tough games remaining and need to win at least 2 of them, if not all of them, to guarantee a trip to the playoffs."
December 14, 2004

AbsolutAnalysis - "Impact Plays"

Seahawks.NET Xs and Os guru Matt Lathrop gives a detailed review of the explosive first half of the Seahawks-Chargers game. Check it out and see the game from a whole new angle!
August 30, 2004

"See You In Beautiful Cheney"

As the Seahawks' June Minicamp comes to a close, Mike Holmgren addresses the state of the team and the short "downtime" ahead before Training Camp begins in August.
June 17, 2004