No Off-Season Motion In Eagles Backfield

The Eagles - make that Andy Reid - insist that they will run the ball more in 2006. Still, with a glaring need for a big back and a lot of medical quesion marks, they haven't made an off-season move to improve their running back depth chart.
May 27, 2006

Perry May Be One To Watch Sunday

With all of the injuries that the Eagles have suffered this season, there have been opportunities for young players to step in. Many have come up short, but Bruce Perry played well in his NFL debut on Saturday and may be worth a longer look against Washington.
December 27, 2005

Quotes from after the game vs. the Jets

Head Coach Andy Reid Opening Remarks "Alright [RB] Bruce Perry hurt his knee and ankle. We're doing x-rays right now to find out what his situation is. Billy McMullen [WR] strained a hip flexor and Matt McCoy [LB] got a knee contusion. Those last two finished and played after they were banged up a little bit.
September 2, 2005