DawgmanRadio - Stanford

SEATTLE - Kim Grinolds, Chris Fetters, Andrew Dore and Chris Wells of Dawgman.com were joined post-game by FoxSportsNEXT Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman, and the Five Knights of the Roundtable spend 30 minutes after Washington's 17-13 upset win over No. 8 Stanford dissecting what went right and wrong for the Huskies during their victory at CenturyLink Field.
September 28, 2012

Camp Video - Day 11

SEATTLE - With UW about to have another big scrimmage Saturday, it was time to get their work done in shells and shorts under a hot Friday sun. Drew Schaefer, Derrick Brown and Dan Cozzetto spoke to Dawgman.com about the Dawg Days of Fall Camp.
August 17, 2012

Practice Spotlight - Day Five

SEATTLE - For every player that goes down, there's more right behind them to take their place. So says the coaches, who desperately need to turn that depth into a winning product on the field yesterday. That's the spot Steve Sarkisian and his staff found themselves Friday, as more players were held out - and one decided that he was done playing football at Washington.
August 10, 2012

DawgmanRadio - Day One

SEATTLE - After a long and hot first day of Washington's first full day working out at Fall Camp, we took some time out to reflect on what we saw. Kim Grinolds, Chris Fetters, and our two interns - Tyler Rivers and Andrew Dore - threw in their $.02 and then some in this Fall Camp DawgmanRadio podcast.
August 6, 2012

Photo Gallery - Day One

SEATTLE - Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds was at the east field next to Husky Stadium Monday to view Washington's first full practice of Fall Camp. He put together a photo gallery of what he saw.
August 6, 2012

Tough sledding up front

SEATTLE - Spring was a telling moment for the University of Washington football team. When you looked at the front-line Huskies along the offensive trenches, it told you all you needed to know about how many games this team might win in 2012.
May 9, 2012

Post-Spring Awards - Offense

SEATTLE - Now that all the hard work has been done, it's time to hand out the hardware. Kim Grinolds, Scott Eklund and Chris Fetters of Dawgman.com went through various categories and took all of Spring Football into account when thinking about these awards. Monday, it's time to laud the offense; on Tuesday we'll do the same for the defense.
April 30, 2012

DawgmanRadio - Scrimmage Wrap

SEATTLE - In this Dawgman Radio podcast, Kim Grinolds, Scott Eklund and Chris Fetters of Dawgman.com took some time after Saturday's UW practice at Memorial Stadium to take stock of the good, the bad, and the ugly during the two hour-plus practice.
April 22, 2012