Combine Results from Hargrave

There's a reason over 100 coaches from across the country show up to Hargrave Military Academy's winter combine every year. Every year Hargrave Military Academy is loaded with Division One talent. Monday was no different as Head Coach Robert Prunty's Tigers put on a show for all in attendance.
December 7, 2004

Meet the 2004 Hargrave Post Grad Team

Chatham, VA - Head Coach Robert Prunty and his staff continually collect some of the best talent from across the country. Every college coach in the country has Hargrave on his visit list to see the players that Coach Prunty has assembled. Here is a quick look at the 2004 Hargrave Team with much, much more to follow.
August 14, 2004

Crews Names His Top Five

Paul Crews had an impressive junior season playing cornerback for his North Vance HS team. He's looking to have an even bigger senior campaign. Big time schools have slowly taken notice of Crews. IrishEyes caught up with Crews to talk recruiting.
September 10, 2003

North Carolina Top-30

After hours of reviewing and studying film, here is a pre-season look at the top thirty players in the state of North Carolina.
July 23, 2003