There is a battle for the 3rd QB

Well there is one thing different about this years QB battle than last years. We already know who our #1 and #2 QB's are. Drew Brees is entrenched as the starter and Doug Flutie is our back up. This years QB controversy is who is going to be #3 fro the San Diego Chargers? Will it be the incumbent Seth Burford, or one of the two new guys battling to take his spot, Cleo Lemon or Rob Adamson?
July 1, 2003

The Cutting Block

The first round of cuts is almost upon us. As explained yesterday, the San Diego Chargers may only take 84 players to training camp. This number includes signed Draft picks and the four roster exemptions from players allocated to NFL Europe. Five players must go, barring a trade, which is likely in its own right.
June 24, 2003

Friday Morning Mini-Camp

One more day and fans will be arriving in droves to see their San Diego Chargers practice. In the meantime, practice is in full swing and the fun for some is just beginning. With some time off coming right after this weekend, now is the time to make the impression that will last in the coaching staff's mind.
June 13, 2003

A Day Off

Everybody is entitled to a day off now and again, but not many undrafted free agents dare take it when they can be studying the playbook, watch some film and work on whatever the San Diego Chargers coaches may have asked…
June 6, 2003

Flutie Returns

Doug Flutie made a return to the field today. The mobile quarterback had been missing from the previous week of practice. Oddly enough all four quarterbacks in camp were on the field today in a spirited session.
June 3, 2003

Friday, Then Weekend Leave

A cool breeze kicked through the San Diego air this morning as players prepared themselves for the practice session. Why exactly will the Chargers take training camp up to Carson July 22nd? A topic for another day perhaps. With the weekend off, Friday's practice was chock full of drills and coaching sessions.
May 31, 2003

The Day's Drills

Everything is a drill. Regimented, planned and executed, or at least that is the hope. The coaches spend countless hours preparing a game plan for the day and hope the players will execute it. Of course, those that don't play up to standards, will be released. The day's best and worst among other highlights.
May 30, 2003