Practice Report: Rebs get in regular routine

With two-a-days officially over, and classes starting up at Ole Miss, the football team began its regular season routine today with an afternoon practice that included the first installation of some of the gameplan for Memphis, who will invade Oxford September 4.
August 23, 2004

Practice Report: First day of shoulder pads

As the days tick off, the Rebels are getting closer and closer to "real football." Today, Ole Miss put on their shoulder pads and helmets for some light, controlled contact and made the most of the workout.
August 11, 2004

Texas Tech/Ole Miss Fight For Tim Henderson

Evangel HS center <b>Tim Henderson</b> has been at the center of what amounts to a recruiting war between the Texas Tech and Ole Miss coaching staffs. But the the lineman from Shreveport, Louisiana, seems to be taking the whole process in stride.
January 21, 2004

Tim Henderson Decides To Think Things Over

Caught up with <b>Lavert Henderson</b> (Tim <b>Henderson's</b> father) to grab the latest on his son's back-and-forth commitment process...
January 13, 2004