Trade or Fail

The Giants have gone 22-18 in their last 42 games while the Dodgers have gone 27-13 and the Diamondbacks 25-17. Alou can play with his lineup all he wants, but unless he wants to finish in 2nd place, he has got to make some sort of trade and get more experience on his pitching staff.
June 25, 2003

Losing Your Inheritance

Coming off of this weekend's series with Oakland, the Giants have a total of 30 losses. Officially, 9 of them belong to the bullpen. However, that isn't telling the whole story of the bullpen's woes, nor does it give any indication to the bullpen's biggest weakness.
June 23, 2003

Find Your Happy Place

Forget the rabbit's foot and don't knock on wood. Your happy place, a #3 starting pitcher and a bat to knock in runs are just what the Giants need to go deep into October.
June 11, 2003