Saying Goodbye to a Long-time Friend

One of the consistencies about Giants baseball for nearly a decade has been J.T. Snow at first base. But as he moves on to the Red Sox, the Giants and their fans must adjust to Lance Niekro and Mark Sweeney sharing duties there. Snow provided the Giants with top-notch defense that offset his merely adequate offense, and hopefully Niekro and Sweeney will be able to improve on Snow's offense without sacrificing too much of the Gold Glove-quality defense that Giants fans have become accustomed to.
February 8, 2006

Replacing Snow is About More Than Numbers

In applying for a stringer job with MLB recently, one question on the form was "Where and when did you see your first live MLB game?" Well, hell, I'll be damned if I know. My parents took me to games of all sports before I could remember, both the Giants and the A's. I had no idea what to put, until I finally said that the first specific game I remember going to: The Dave Dravecky game when I was 12.
December 23, 2005

No Arbitration for Snow & Tomko

The Giants said goodbye to the player that had been with the club longer than anyone not named Barry Bonds, and also parted ways with the starter who frustrated fans and the team with flashes of brilliance mixed with flashes of something less.
December 7, 2005