Giant's Reserves: Winners or Losers? Winnahs!

The Giants have a great bench of reserves and two free agent Giants probably will be looking at an end of their career as a Giant.
August 25, 2003

Trade Deadline 101

Being a General Manager can be a difficult thing at certain times, but few times are as pressure filled as the mid-season Trading Deadline. The organization is looking at you for the perfect idea to push the team over the hump. The players are anxiously awaiting their fate, either if they'll be playing somewhere else, or replaced by a newcomer. And the fans are clamoring often for anything…and occasionally everything. So what's a savvy GM like Brian Sabean to do?
July 25, 2003

Rewind: Giants vs Royals, Game #3

The Royals are looking to go above .500 today. After starting 16-3, they've fallen down to 32-32, so they are 16-29 in their last 45 games. The Giants are hoping to keep the Dodgers from gaining any more ground. The Dodgers currently have a five-game winning streak.
June 15, 2003

Rewind: Tigers vs Giants, Game #3

Break out the brooms! The Giants took the first two games in their second interleague series against the Tiger and look to sweep in today's game. Sure it may be the Tigers, and with their record, over-confidence has a tendency to shine through. Yet the Tigers showed yesterday, in the ninth that they still have some pop in their bats and are able to come back.
June 8, 2003

Rewind: Dbacks vs Giants, Game #2

The Giants were looking to sweep the two game series and gain another game on the Dodgers. Damian Moss was looking to stop his three-game personal losing streak as well.
May 29, 2003

Rewind: Cubs vs Giants, Game #1

Dusty Baker returned to Pacific Bell Park in a Cubs uniform for the first time since his departure from San Francisco. As expected, he received a warm welcome from the fans. A montage of Dusty images shown on the AstroVision screen garnered cheering and applause from the 40,000 people that attended the first game of the three-game series.
April 29, 2003

The Crystal (base)Ball: Cubs vs Giants Preview

Dusty Baker makes his return to Pac Bell Park tonight for 3 games of a 6 game series with the Cubs. Fans will be spared the atrocity of seeing young Darren Baker in a Cubs uniform chasing after Sammy Sosa's bats.
April 29, 2003