Transaction Analysis | Jason Ellison

Everyone knew that something was coming for the Giants and a couple of their young position players without options. On Sunday, the shoe dropped, and it was Jason Ellison who was moved to make room for others. But how will the move play out?
April 5, 2007

Giants trade Ellison to Seattle

It was obvious midway through March that someone was going to go. There were two not-so-young young players and one vet with a lot of competition. When the final toll came and spring ended, it was the speedy outfielder who did not stay with the Giants. But in a trade, Ellison got a small victory of his own, while the Giants received a minor leaguer with some potential yet to be reached.
April 1, 2007

Position Battle Update - March 8th

It was an exciting week in Giants camp, going 4 for 5 in Spring Training games. At the same time, the first cuts of the spring hit, and so did the first injury. So who's moving up and who's not doing so hot? I'll give you a hint: the young players doing well are NOT the pitchers!
March 8, 2007

Position Battles - The Final Results

Well, Ellison's in, but Linden's out. The three young bullpeners all made the 'pen, but Benitez is out (at least for 15 days)! And looks good with it's predictions. Take a last look at the results of the scramble for the 25 man roster, and how they will impact the team.
April 3, 2006

Position Battle Update - 3/25

It's getting so tough on playing time that one contender had to play a minor league game this week! Good thing he dominated. And the races are so tight that they are overflowing into one another. Will the loser of the 5th starter race get a bullpen spot? Can Jason Ellison's grand slam Saturday keep the relievers from getting the 25th man spot? And why is Kevin Frandsen throwing a monkey wrench in the Giants plans?
March 25, 2006

Roster Settled: Ellison, Fassero, Torcato in

With the Saturday night deadline to set the Opening Day rosters, the Giants had to make some tough decisions. They eventually opted to keep the players that would be able to get out of their contracts or clear waivers to return to the minors.
April 2, 2005