Giant re-sign catcher Alberto Castillo

Catcher, Alberto Castillo re-signed to a one-year contract with the San Francisco Giants
November 6, 2003

Rewind: Giants vs Rockies, Game #3

The Giants were looking to sweep the Rockies with a victory this afternoon. Talented rookie Kevin Correia would face Jason Jennings.
August 28, 2003

On The Receiving End

Benito Santiago returns to the lineup after being on the 15-day DL, only to continue what he left. Nothing's damaged behind the plate, and everything's certainly fine in the batter's box. With his contract expiring after the season, what does this mean for "the ancient one"?
August 1, 2003

Chicago Cubs: 7/29-7/31 Series

There won't be Shawn Estes, but there will be Dusty and Kenny and a few other familiar faces the Giants will be facing as they travel to Wrigley Field to begin their first road trip of the second half. Coming off a very strong homestand, the Giants will look to carry that momentum onto the road, where they have always excelled. Schmidt vs. Wood? How's it going to turn out?
July 29, 2003

Who's Hot, Who's Not

The All-Star break is over, and we're back to business. Some people are in the mood to hurt Bud Selig right now, but more important than home field advantage in the playoffs right now is getting off to a good start during this short second-half. Who on this Giants team is steaming ahead and who's pulled the brake? Let's take a look.
July 27, 2003

San Diego Padres: 7/25-7/27 Series

One thing you have to give San Diego credit for is their ability to kill the Dodgers and Dbacks, and their inability to do anything against the Giants. No one can do anything against the Giants, they seem to be untouchable coming into the second half this season, but how long will it last? Long enough to have a good homestand I hope.
July 25, 2003