Recruits React: George Halamandaris

One of our most important activities in providing Cardinal coverage at this time of year is calling for interviews with Stanford's recruits. Sometimes our job is made easier when they contact us. Big offensive tackle George Halamandaris did just that soon after the news broke that Walt Harris was fired. The 6'7" lineman is anxious to announce his firm stance behind Stanford.
December 6, 2006

Players React: Mark Bradford

This was to be his senior season, but injury took that away. Wide receiver Mark Bradford still had an opinion on Walt Harris, which is more complicated than some think. The fourth-year talent talked yesterday one-on-one with The Bootleg about the good and bad with Harris shortly after he was fired. The big question of course is if this change could bring Bradford back to Stanford in 2007.
December 5, 2006

Players React: Evan Moore

Absent a sitting head coach, redshirt junior wide receiver Evan Moore sat down with The Bootleg yesterday immediately following the firing of Walt Harris. Moore opens up on the relationship he had the last two years with his head coach, and what he hopes for Stanford Football's next leader. Moore explains why Bob Bowlsby inspires confidence - and a greater probability of Moore returning next year.
December 5, 2006

Players React: T.C. Ostrander

No player is probably more affected by the firing of Walt Harris than T.C. Ostrander. The Cardinal quarterback spent the last two years learning from the passing guru, who was also his position coach. Ostrander asked for Harris to stay, so yesterday was a difficult one for him when the head coach was fired. We sat down with Ostrander immediately following the news and an address from Bob Bowlsby.
December 5, 2006

Bob Bowlsby Press Conference: Part II

New athletic director Bob Bowlsby pulled the trigger after just the second year of Walt Harris at Stanford. He addressed the media afterward, and we have the entire transcript. In this second half, Bowslby answers questions on the complexity of factors in his decision, as well as what will shape his search for Stanford Football's next head coach.
December 4, 2006

Bob Bowlsby Press Conference: Part I

If you haven't heard him or gotten to know Bob Bowlsby, now is the time to try and understand Stanford's new athletic director. Less than six months into the job, Bowlsby took a big step Monday in firing Stanford Football head coach Walt Harris. Promptly thereafter, the AD addressed the media to answer questions on the move, events this week and the search ahead. We have the complete transcript.
December 4, 2006

Kiilsgaard's Commitment Stands

Stanford has in recent years pounced on opportunities when weakness has struck recruiting rivals, though today the tables might be turned with head coach Walt Harris fired. The Cardinal's most recent and highest rated commit, quarterback Kellen Kiilsgaard, made waves last week with his surprise Stanford pledge. Does he reconsider now? He says no, and goes a step further with his travel plans.
December 4, 2006

Walt Harris Is Out

Stanford first-year athletic director Bob Bowlsby met with and fired second-year football head coach Walt Harris this morning. The Cardinal on Saturday finished a sour 1-11 season and are now looking for a new leader for its flagship program for the second time in 24 months.
December 4, 2006