MLB lifts Utley's 2-game ban for dirty slide

Chase Utley dodged a bullet and won't serve a two-game suspension for his takeout slide that broke Ruben Tejeda's leg.
March 7, 2016

Burrell Retires At 35

LF Pat Burrell retired Jan. 30 with two World Series championship rings from his 13-season major league career.
January 31, 2012

Rays Digest Podcast 1/15: 1:00 Eastern

Join Tyler Hissey and Kevin Gengler, of, for the latest edition of the RaysDigest podcast.
January 14, 2009

Rays Digest Podcast 1/6: 1:00 Eastern

In the latest installment of the Rays Digest podcast , Teddy Mitrosilis and Tyler Hissey will offer their opinions on the Pat Burrell signing. How does this influence the dyamic of the A.L. East? In addition, they will be taking your calls about the Rays.
January 5, 2009

Do Not Count Out The Rays

The Yankees have spent a lot of money. The Red Sox will be strong. The Rays, in the aftermath of the Pat Burrell signing, seem likely to improve as well. The A.L. East is going to be a tough race in 2009. The addition of Pat Burrell improves the Rays' chances of defending their American League Championship, writes Tyler Hissey.
January 5, 2009

What We're Hearing...

With a bunch of pretty good free agents still sitting on the outside looking in, there are still moves to be made that could impact the Phillies and their division rivals.
January 5, 2009

Phillies Remain Quietly Active

For those baseball scholars out there, we present this baseball riddle; when does free agency turn into being a trade? That answer and news of a potential real trade with the Red Sox are coming up from Philly Baseball News...
December 23, 2008