Dawg Blog - Apple Cup

Well, it's finally come - the Awful Cup. I mean, the Apple Cup. Both Washington and Washington State has combined to build up the kind of notoriety that has ESPN bringing two writers to cover the AC. But unfortunately everyone is interested for all the wrong reasons. Together, the Huskies and Cougars have been shut out of the Pac-10 regular season - until Saturday. Both deserve to lose.
November 19, 2008

Dawg Blog - UCLA

SEATTLE - Well, here's everyone's red-letter game. Like Nick Saban returning to Baton Rouge, it's Rick Neuheisel's time to head back to Husky Stadium and face the music against a Washington program that is a shell of their former selves. Will he be cheered? Will he be booed? Will he have more former players on UCLA's side than on UW's side?
November 13, 2008

Dawg Blog - ASU

Well, at 0-8 and no end in sight, the University of Willingham Huskies trudge on. Saturday they host Arizona State (2-6, 1-4), another team in a freefall, yet the Sun Devils are favored by at least two touchdowns. And playing against a team that's been outscored by over 100 points their last three games, why not?
November 5, 2008

Dawg Blog - USC

This week's USC blog almost seems irrelevant. With the news of Tyrone Willingham's firing at the end of the season coming out Monday, it took all the steam out of the Huskies' quest to find a win on the road this weekend in Los Angeles. Maybe that's a good thing? The 43-point spread the oddsmakers have put on this game just equals a record set when the Trojans played Washington State.
October 29, 2008

Dawg Blog - Notre Dame

Well, from a Washington perspective, it doesn't get much worse than this. Not only are the Huskies off to their worst start in nearly 40 years, but now they have the team that fired UW's current head coach coming into town. And to add insult, they are playing arguably their best ball to date. It's shaping up to be a textbook case of two teams inextricably linked going in opposite directions.
October 25, 2008

Midseason grades – Offense

A unit averaging only 17.7 points per game can't get anything but an F right? Wrong. While it's been a struggle offensively, injuries and youth have been factors and there are signs of improvement, although it's slow, it's still improvement.
October 24, 2008

Dawg Blog - Oregon State

It's after the bye week, is there a game this coming weekend? You bet. The Oregon State Beavers - fresh off hanging 66 on Washington State, come looking for more Evergreen State pelts as they trek to Seattle to take on a beleaguered bunch of Huskies. The spread is already two touchdowns; is that being kind, or does Washington have it in them to reverse this curse?
October 16, 2008

OSU Really Good or Cougars Simply Awful

I love bye weeks. We don't have to worry about the Huskies losing and we get a chance to watch the rest of the Pac-10 play. I watched three Pac-10 contests this past Saturday, starting with the Trojans beating the Sun Devils, followed by the Beavers totally demolishing the Cougars, and ending with Rick Neuheisel leading his team to a defeat at the hands of the Ducks.
October 14, 2008