Raiders Add Three to the Roster

The Raiders have added three new players to their roster.
June 10, 2010

Allen Smith, Part III: The Future

"We've had some rough games, some rough losses and some rough seasons, but at the same time, we've had some amazing joys. I would never trade the time I've had with my teammates for anything. The success that we've had with Coach Harbaugh has made the struggle entirely worth it, in my mind. I even told Coach Harbaugh and Bob Bowlsby after the Notre Dame game, 'This is what I was playing for.'"
December 3, 2009

Allen Smith, Part I: The Past

Sixth-year OT Allen Smith: "I got all the care needed to get me back on the field for Notre Dame, which was going to be my last game at Stanford. I told everyone when I came back for my sixth year that I wanted to be on the field, standing, when the clocks read zero. They gave me that ability, and so for that, I will be forever grateful."
December 3, 2009

Allen Smith, Part II: The Present

"I've talked with students who have written economic papers for the President; I've talked with people who graduated high school three years early and are getting ready to enter medical school at age 21. I've met a wealth of academic talent here, as well as athletic talent. I've had breakfast with gold medalists and slapped high-fives with national champions."
December 3, 2009

2011 Recruiting Profile: DT Todd Peat, Jr.

Sure, there is some work to do in the classroom, but Todd Peat, Jr. is one of the biggest targets for the Cardinal in the class of 2011, when talented defensive tackles will continue to be high on Stanford's recruiting "wish list". The Peats knows football and already know Coach Harbaugh, so we are definitely in the game here. Read on to hear about the Peat family's recent visit to Palo Alto.
November 5, 2009

Notes & Quotes: "Improvement Week"

It is "Improvement Week" and rather than take the week off, The Bootleg's Scott Cooley was once again on the scene to break bread (well, sandwiches anyway) with Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. It was just "EUTM", without any players on Tuesday as the team was resting up in preparation for the mighty Ducks, who we hope will get drained physically by Troy on Halloween. Read on for the latest!
October 28, 2009

Pigskin Preview: Arizona State @ Stanford

The Bootleg's Scott Cooley was on hand for Tuesday's press conference and provides us with a preview of the Cardinal's now-critical game against ASU. The wound-licking Cardinal is looking forward to a return to the more friendly confines of Stanford Stadium. We pity the fools who think Stanford Football suffers from "fork-protrusion" as we head into the teeth of the 2009 campaign. Go Cardinal!
October 22, 2009

Still More Notes & Quotes: UW @ Stanford

With the somewhat surprising surge from UW, Saturday's match-up has attracted more than the usual amount of interest from the local media. The Bootleg's Scott Cooley was on the scene at Tuesday's jam-packed weekly press lunch and has another batch of comments from Coach Harbaugh, QB Andrew Luck, OT Allen Smith, and RB Toby Gerhart.
September 23, 2009