2005 Top 30 Defensive Linemen

NC Prep Report releases its preseason top 30 defensive lineman list.
August 17, 2005

Does Character Matter?

The Phillies recent signing of reliever Terry Adams renewed discussions about the character of players and how much it means to their value on a team. Over the years, the Phillies have - for the most part - avoided players with bad character, but they are not without incidents.
January 17, 2005

Terry Adams Returns to Battle for Bullpen Spot

Terry Adams has had his ups and downs, but generally, he's been a solid major league reliever. After experiencing those ups and downs last season in Toronto and Boston, the 31 year old Adams returns to the Phillies. It was in Philadelphia that Adams also experienced his share of ups and downs not too long ago.
January 12, 2005

2004 Jays Preview: Relievers

Last year, the Blue Jays bullpen was absolutely horrid. It was among the worst in the American League. This year should be a different story, as JP Ricciardi went out and added a ton of arms to the Jays pen. See how it'll stack up in our preview of the bullpen.
February 20, 2004