Huskers hand out awards at banquet

Lincoln - The Nebraska football program honored its 29-member senior class on Saturday night at the Huskers' annual team banquet at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln . Eight Husker players were also presented with awards as part of the evening's program.
December 8, 2007

Long smile for "short" senior as Huskers roll

Cortney Grixby has been getting so much crap for being short, it is as if he's the shortest person who has ever played the game. But it hasn't stopped him from being arguably Nebraska's best cover corner the entire time he's been in Lincoln. He and 28 other seniors finished their careers inside Memorial Stadium and this wasn't a bad way to go out.
November 10, 2007

Getting it done on "D."

Senior cornerback Cortney Grixby has been around Nebraska too long for a game like this to be any sort of coming out affair. But two interceptions and an average of over 40 yards in kickoff returns doesn't hurt. During a day which the defense was on the field seemingly for the entire game, there were a lot of plays to be made. Grixby definitely made his share.
September 29, 2007

Not getting it done

Sometimes that's about all you can say: "We just didn't get it done." I guess it's better that come after facing USC than some other team though. The players obviously don't take it that way, and this week is all about getting back whatever it is they lost, while trying to put the loss behind. As coaches love to say, it's about trying to get better.
September 18, 2007

USC P.C. Video - Sr. CB - Cortney Grixby

Check out our latest video from the USC press conference as senior cornerback Cortney Grixby talks about the Wake Forest game and if the momentum from that win can help with USC. Grixby also talks about what the USC games means in respect to where this team is trying to go.
September 11, 2007

You ask, They answer - CB, Cortney Grixby

In another edition of You ask, They answer, we bring in senior cornerback Cortney Grixby to answer YOUR questions. From the state of the defense to how he feels about being the tallest cornerback in Husker history, Grixby answers them all. It's YOUR questions answered by the Husker players. Enjoy
August 29, 2007

Press Conference Video - CB, Cortney Grixby

For someone who has gone through plenty of pains due to inexperience around him, senior cornerback Cortney Grixby is liking what he sees this year. There is more experience. There is more depth and confidence is riding high. He talked about that today as Nebraska prepares for Nevada, in how he looks at this group as potentially one of the best around.
August 28, 2007

Spring Press Conference Video: Cortney Grixby

Who would have ever thought that it was going to be the secondary which would be the veteran group going into the season. Well, that's just what the Nebraska defense is looking at for 2007. That changes expectations from people just hoping they are good, to them being a key to the success of the team. And seniors like Cortney Grixby know that has to be the case.
March 20, 2007