Roster Update: Comings and Goings

Several characters have been moving in and out of the Yankee organization in the last day. The Hot Stove is heating up and it's getting easier to lose track of what's going on and who's heading where. We'll break it down for you.
January 12, 2004

Yankees 2004 Outlook, Part 3

The Yankees pitching staff in 2003 suffered from a few problems. A shaky bullpen and inconsistent starts from certain members of the rotation hindered the Yanks this season. 2004 might be a different story however, as some players return from injury and others are put out to pasture. Take a look at all of it in the final installment of our 2004 Outlook.
November 24, 2003

Yankees Final Report Cards, Part 3

Everyone knows that the key to the Yankees' success over the last eight years has been a strong starting rotation and stronger bullpen. This season, the bullpen was weak and the rotation questionable at times. But through some crafty transactions, the Yankees' pitching staff was different at the end from the beginning. Find out which pitchers ended up making the grade in Part Three.
November 19, 2003

The Race to the Playoffs: Who Wants it More

Beware the faint of heart… the stretch run is upon us. The dog days of August are half over and the September sprint to the finish looms. The next six weeks will determine the AL West champion, with the loser left to battle Boston for playoff table scraps. With the late season collapse of 2002 fresh in the minds of Mariner fans and players, we all tread gingerly into the final lap projecting a nervous confidence. Tums anyone?
August 22, 2003

Bullpen Bull----

I'm hopping mad. I generally believe that Joe Torre is wise enough to manage through the toughest spots. But Friday night against the Orioles, Torre made several crucial mistakes that have raised many questions surrounding the bullpen. The question at the end of the road here is the following: with the tying run in scoring position in the eighth inning, who should be standing on the mound for the Yankees?
August 15, 2003

Without Nelson, the M's must move forward

While Jeff Nelson was traded to the Yankees on Wednesday, he may have left an imprint on Seattle large enough to help push the Mariners over the top in 2003.
August 10, 2003