Brian Dallimore Retires; Giants Fans Remember is sad to report the retirement of former Giant Brian Dallimore. With this news, takes a look back at Dallimore's debut in the majors, and one of the best memories of the last two disappointing years for most Giant fans.
February 25, 2006

Spring Training Update – March 15th

As the Giants pass the All-Sun Break (Spring Training's unofficial midway point), the biggest questions remain unanswered: Who's the 5th outfielder? Will Foppert start the season in San Francisco or Fresno? Who will round out the bullpen? Get ready for the Spring Stretch Run.
March 15, 2005

A Baseball Story

Things could've been worse for the Giants, but not much. The defending division champs had had their clocks cleaned by the Dodgers, were beaten up by the Padres, and had the momentum from taking two of three of the Braves deflated by a loss to the now really hated Marlins. They were in last place. Players were sniping at each other publically. Sometimes, it takes everything going wrong for something to go right.
May 3, 2004

Rewind: Marlins vs Giants, Game #2

Neither starting pitcher could keep the runs from scoring. Dontrelle Willis just couldn't get a single out in the second inning, a grand slam to Brian Dallimore being his exit cue. Kevin Corriera fared little better, lasting two full innings before being replaced. The Giants offense had 16 hits.
May 1, 2004