Fiesta Fine For Scarlet And Gray

Fiesta fatigue among Ohio State football fans has been documented by a malaise in ticket sales, but that feeling doesn't extend to the team itself. Despite making their fifth trip to the Phoenix area in seven years, the Buckeyes are looking forward to everything their second home has to offer.
December 28, 2008

Pressure Comes In Many Forms For OSU

On the surface, one reason to expect the Ohio State football team to play better against Texas than in past big games is the fact that the Buckeyes are underdogs for the Fiesta Bowl. However, the Buckeye players say pressure comes in many forms as many team members prepare for their final game.
December 26, 2008

Jard Work: Michigan Week

Why doesn't Rory Nicol jump into Mirror Lake? What does Ryan Pretorius' parents think about his gold pants? Is Ohio State concerned with Terrelle Pryor and his post-game back-and-forth with the Illinois fans? The answers to these questions and more are in this week's edition of Jard Work.
November 21, 2008

The Fifth Captain

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel asks a lot out of his seniors, and many respond with career years. This year, tight end Rory Nicol has emerged for the coaching staff, but his presence has been felt more off of the field than on it.
November 12, 2008

Jard Work: Bring On The Trojans?

Why does Rory Nicol want to see the USC Trojans lining up across the line of scrimmage from Ohio State again this season? What play call did Jim Tressel think would result in tomatoes being thrown at him? Why are Nicol and Terrelle Pryor enemies this weekend? Get the answers to these questions and more in this week's installment of Jard Work.
November 7, 2008

Jard Work: Scaling It Back?

Is the game plan shrinking? What does Malcolm Jenkins remember about the last time Ohio State hosted Penn State at Ohio Stadium? Who keeps calling Rory Nicol about the game? What bothered Terrelle Pryor last week? Get the answers to these questions and more in the latest Friday installment of Jard Work.
October 24, 2008

Nicol Takes OL To Task

There are more than a few problems with the Ohio State offense, but many of them concern the team's offensive line. Sunday night, senior tight end Rory Nicol decided to speak out on the situation. In this story, find out what he said and what sort of impact it might have had.
October 15, 2008

OSU Tight Ends Helping In Multiple Ways

Needless to say, with so many starters returning for Ohio State, familiarity is everywhere. Maybe no group represents that status than the Buckeye tight ends, but they might also be the most in favor of a few alterations to the script, too.
August 12, 2008