Phillies Prospect #18: Eude Brito

Eude Brito's spring is off to a late start thanks to injuries that he sustained in a car accident. Just how much will the injury hurt Brito's chances of making the big league club?
February 27, 2007

Top Prospect #18: Eude Brito

Eude Brito made somewhat of a surprise emergence onto the Phillies roster in 2005 and did a good job at the big league level. Now, without a definite job to return to in 2006, Brito looks to win a spot out of spring training, rather than having to wait for one to open.
February 17, 2006

Let's Hope Phils' Brass Are Watching The Kids

The Phillies have been slow to let young players try to contribute. Chase Utley nearly rotted behind Placido Polanco, Ryan Howard is only in the majors because of Jim Thome's injury and going back even further, there are plenty of young players who had to wait to find time in the Phillies lineup. That may all change if the front office is paying attention.
September 14, 2005

Brito Makes First Win a Big One

Ideally, the Phillies wouldn't have had two rookies pitching in the first two games of their series with Atlanta. However, it didn't turn out too badly Monday night as Eude Brito beat the Braves for his first major league win and it couldn't have come at a better time.
September 12, 2005

CD's Connect The Dots...In Youth We Trust

There is a poem called "Every Youth" and these lines ring true for a Phillies squad seemingly bent on securing that last valuable playoff birth in King Bud's Championship Round. It goes like this..."Every youth has a quest to make for life is the King's Highway;" The names are only now becoming familiar, Ryan Howard, Robinson Tejeda, Eude Brito and later perhaps Carlos Ruiz, Shane Victorino and Gavin Floyd. In these names the Phils would do well to exclaim these words: "In youth we trust!"
August 26, 2005

Prospect #46: LHP Eude Brito

Left-hander Eude Brito has had some catching up to do in the past couple of seasons. The Phillies thought that they had found a strong young pitcher who was blowing away hitters his own age. Then, it turned out that Brito was caught up in the red tape of truth and the Phillies suddenly discovered he was three years older than they thought. <b>Today's look at Eude Brito is a free preview of the kind of information you receive as a Insider.</b>
November 27, 2003