Butto happy for second chance with Phillies

Francisco Butto started his career in the Phillies organization, but wound up taking a detour on his way up the minor league ladder. Now, he's back with the Phillies and happy to have a second chance with the team that originally signed him.
April 7, 2009

Reviewing The Phils Minor League Free Agents

Most of the names on the list of minor league free agents from the Phillies don't carry a great deal of angst about the potential of having them head elsewhere. Most are easily replaceable and were simply filling a void in the minor league system. Still, there are some names that the Phillies would rather not lose if given any say in the matter. Of course, without a GM in place, it may be a little easier for other clubs to steal away some prime players.
October 30, 2005

PBN Players of the Week

Split pitching awards at both Scranton and Lakewood highlight the Players of the Week. Plus, a couple of young pitchers bounce back from bad first outings to have strong weeks. Ryan Howard is hot at Scranton and is proving that he's not just a homerun hitter. Plus, a look at all of the Players of the Week in the Phillies organization.
April 18, 2005

Top Prospect #19: Francisco Butto

Even though he was found to be two years older than originally thought, everything seemed to be on track for Francisco Butto. Then, he hit Clearwater in 2004 and struggled for the first time in his professional career. In 2005, Butto will look to continue to climb the ladder, but a "do-over" may be necessary and would further slow his climb toward the majors.
February 10, 2005

Top Prospect #19: RHP Francisco Butto

The Phillies have done well finding high quality players from Venezuela. Of course, Bobby Abreu is the standout, but there are others working their way through the ranks. One of the best is Francisco Butto. The young right-hander is set for a season at Clearwater in 2004 and is coming off an impressive winter league season.
January 31, 2004