Roster Microscope: The Bullpen

The bullpen is where most of the battling has been this spring. Geoff Geary has been removed from the competition, but there are still several pitchers fighting for few spots. In fact, nobody even knows for sure how many spots they're battling for.
March 23, 2005

Telemaco Confused, But Glad to Return to Philly

First, the Phillies seemed to have a deal with Amaury Telemaco. Then, he was gone. Then, he was back. Now, we know the reasoning behind the bizarre turn of events that left Telemaco and fans wondering what was going on in the Phillies' front office.
December 28, 2004

Telemaco, Geary Re-Sign With Phillies

The Phillies listed five players as having been "non-tendered" on Monday. On Tuesday, three of those players returned to the Phillies with new contracts for the 2005 season. The move brings Amaury Telemaco and Geoff Geary, both members of last season's bullpen, back to the Phillies roster.
December 22, 2004