Kyle Jackson Wants to Excel

For his first two seasons in Gainesville, Florida safety Kyle Jackson has been a part-time starter and part-time performer. While he appeared in 22 games in that time, Jackson started just twelve. He has made a number of tackles (58) and grabbed some interceptions (4), but he has also missed several key tackles and dropped some chances to make big plays.
August 11, 2006

K-Jax Earns Champion Status For Play Vs. LaTech

In Coach Urban Meyer's grading system, making Champion for one game is a big deal, based on scoring better than 80 percent on all assignments. Sophomore safety Kyle Jackson earned Champion status Saturday night against Louisiana Tech by hitting six of his seven assignments but the most spectacular play was a leaping first quarter interception that killed a drive that started near midfield.
September 12, 2005

Signee Spotlight: Interview with Kyle Jackson

Just a few months ago Kyle Jackson was one of the nation's top defensive gridiron giants, roaming the fields of North Florida in search of another victim. This past week, Jackson watched his former Fletcher High School teammates from the stands when the reality of life in motion hit him head on.
May 20, 2004

Vols discover Weapon of Mass Distruption

Landing a big time, hometown sleeper in the holiday recruiting season was like getting the Home Shopping Network's Night Owl Special for Coach Phillip Fulmer last Friday as he received a commitment from Demarcus Stevens.
December 15, 2003