Roderick Johnson Profile

Background: Johnson has great speed and is just the kind of rangy athlete you want to have as an outside linebacker. He was preseason third team All Super Team in Texas Football. Johnson didn't disappoint in his senior campaign. He had 74 tackles, four sacks, two fumbles forced, and two fumble recoveries this past season.
February 6, 2004

Lone Star State Report: The LBs

Big, hard-nosed linebackers once were a consistent staple of high school football in Texas. Texas A&M built its Wrecking Crew defensive tradition from among the midst of a constant supply. But with Texas high school teams turning more and more to the spread offense, the linebacker position in the Lone Star State is now more a position of speed than size. While the big ones are still sought after, it's the fast ones that have jumped to the forefront.
August 18, 2003

Recruiting: Texas Top 100

Updated rankings of the top 100 high school prospects in the state of Texas. Originally published Aug. 3. LAST UPDATE: Aug. 21 with updated commitment info.
August 3, 2003

Hot 100 - Big 12 Region

Here is the <B>Hot 100 - Big 12 Region</B> compiled by David Garvin and Josh Clark. Jeff Byers leads the way but Texas once again dominates the top 100 prospects in the region.
July 1, 2003