Stover Positive About Last Game

There was a bit of irony as Alabama wide receiver Nikita Stover chatted about Alabama's bowl situation following Saturday's Crimson Tide practice. Stover reflected on the Sugar Bowl being his last Alabama football game, and added "It's better than going to Shreveport like we did the last two years."
December 21, 2008 Photo Gallery 16 presents a collection of photos from Saturday's scrimmage.
August 16, 2008 Photo Gallery 10 presents a collection of photos from Saturday's scrimmage.
August 10, 2008

Wide Receiver Has New Attitude

There are various ways to determine how a football player is doing. If he is the starter, then he's doing better than anyone else on the team at that position. That doesn't necessarily mean he's doing well, though. You can ask the player. Most will say something along the lines of "I'm doing good, but I know I can get better." You can ask a coach who will almost always say something positive.
August 2, 2008

Football Celebrations Should Draw Penalty

Specifically prohibited acts and conduct under Rule 9, section 2, article 1a.1d in the 2007 NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations book include: Any delayed, excessive, prolonged or choreographed act by which a player (or players) attempts to focus attention upon himself (or themselves).
January 21, 2008

Bama-Auburn Notes: Stover Steps in for Brown

Alabama sophomore Nikita Stover had a breakout game in the 22-15 loss to Auburn Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium.
November 18, 2006

First Day Notes

The hydrometer, a fancy-looking device set up to measure the air temperature and humidity level, was a popular attraction for observers and Tuesday's opening fall practice for the Alabama football team. The meter registered as high as 110 degrees in the sun at one point in the day. Last year on a hot day the temperature reading was as high as 114.
August 8, 2006

Less Than Full Speed

By all accounts sophomore transfer receiver Nikita Stover has the potential to be a go-to player for Alabama in the fall, but nagging injury has kept that potential locked up through the first two thirds of Alabama's spring practice.
March 15, 2006