Q & A with the Huskers: Le Kevin Smith

You don't have to ask Le Kevin Smith twice if he's ready for the season. He's been ready for it almost since the day he knew he was coming back for his senior year. With depth behind him, experience around him and a fresh attitude throughout the entire team, he's ready to go. Right now is just the calm before the storm. Enjoy this edition of video bytes
September 1, 2005

Husker Spotlight - Adam Blankenship

Being the son of a coach isn't easy. You are expected to do more, treated apparently worse and when it's all said and done, while others can go home to a quiet home away from a scrutinizing coach, you are going from the possibility of one butt-chewing, right into another. And, that's if the coach is only decent. If he runs one of the top high school football programs around, well, it's no wonder Adam Blankenship knows how to play this game.
February 20, 2004

That Old Husker Charm Is Back

A trip to Nebraska blows the socks off Oklahoma DE <B>Adam Blankenship</b>, who committed Sunday to Bill Callahan. "The visit was awesome," said Blankenship. "Coach Callahan talked about bringing them back to greatness."
January 25, 2004