2017 Cleveland Indians vs the 1995 Indians

The 2017 Cleveland Indians compare favorably with the 1995 version. Two entirely different types of rosters, but the 2017 team is in better position to win the World Series than the 1995 squad.
April 1, 2017

Time for some Christmas shopping!!!

On the 1st of Christmas, Padres ownership gave to me…. <br> A catcher who could hit more than .233<br><br> On the 2nd day of Christmas, Padres ownership gave to me…<br> 2 good starting pitchers…<br>
November 15, 2003

Padre Rumblings

The offseason looms near and the speculation in San Diego has the Padres going after Greg Maddux this offseason. Phil Nevin, after San Diego tattooed Maddux last month, said, "We're trying to get Maddux's numbers up so we don't have to pay him as much."<br><br> Rumblings will continue to filter through as we close in on the offseason, an exciting one in San Diego with the opening of Petco Park next year.
September 14, 2003

Padres A Hit in 14-4 Victory

The San Diego Padres got on the board quickly in the top half of the first in Atlanta. Three runs in the first off Greg Maddux and 13 hits through five innings chased Maddox from the game. The Padres would tie the franchise record for hits with 24 and go on to win 14-4.
August 12, 2003

San Diego Padres (46-73) at Atlanta Braves (76-41)

The Padres begin a relatively brief but tough road trip in Atlanta. This isn't the Atlanta team of the 90s, this team relies more on its hitting prowess than its pitching.
August 12, 2003

Duped again?

Doesn't it seem to always happen this way for the San Diego Padres? Just when we are at our worst as a team, there appears a glimmer of hope out on the horizon; a dangled carrot positioned as a distracter from the reality of the everyday, which as quickly as it appears, is taken away without a trace.
August 8, 2003