Rays 2007 Preview

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are working hard to improve upon an atrocious season from a year ago, having made a few moves to improve the team while locking up one of the top young outfield trios in all of baseball. The only realistic goal for the Devil Rays at this point, however, is to finish anywhere except last place. Playing in the toughest division in baseball is a real challenge.
March 10, 2007


Welcome to Arizona East, also known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Among the offseason pick ups Tampa made at Sky Harbor were Casey Fossum, Roberto Alomar, Danny Bautista, and even the original D'Back, Travis Lee. The D'Backs beat the Yanks back in '01, can the former D'Backs compete with them in '05?
February 10, 2005

Effects of the Schilling Trade on the Farm System

The trade for Schilling HAD to be made. It was the type of direction that this organization needed to make. Imagine what the Red Sox could have done in the ALCS with a 1-2 punch of Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling! This trade propels the Red Sox into major contenders for 2004. But as with every trade, there is almost always a downside. What effect does this trade have on an already weak farm system? Brian examines the ramifications of the Schilling trade on the farm system.
November 28, 2003