Spring Ball Day 6

There were several hundred high school coaches (and a few junior college coaches) on hand today as part of the Trojan Coaches Clinic and they were treated to the first full pads practice of the spring. For those in attendance who were looking to catch a glimpse of the excitement which is USC football these days they were in for an enjoyable afternoon that included big plays in all phases of the game.
April 1, 2005

Fall Camp update - Offense

Now that the Trojans have completed a pair of fall camp scrimmages we're starting to get a better sense of what this USC team will look like in 2004. Click below for a look at the offense:
August 15, 2004

Newcomer recap

As we wrap up the first week of fall camp let's take a look at the performances so far from the newcomers on the Trojan roster:
August 11, 2004

Fall Camp Day 7

The Trojans held a scrimmage this afternoon in front of patron donors on Howard Jones Field. Here's a recap of the highlights from each series of plays:
August 10, 2004

2004 USC preview: Offense

We're going to be good on offense, there's no real question about that, the only question is how good will we be? Look for Chow to be patient as the line develops, lots of quick throws from Leinart, and once the offense hits their stride during the season it should be an exciting show for Trojan fans to watch.
August 2, 2004