Top 50 Prospects: Q & A #1

So, as with any rankings, our Top 50 Prospects has been garnering questions from our readers. So we're going to take some time to answer some questions and talk about some of the prospects we've gone over. This Q&A is free for all readers, so take some time to check it out. This won't be the last one we do, so keep sending in questions and talking Giants Prospects!
December 16, 2005

Top 50 Prospects: #50-#46

The Top 50 prospects begin with #50 through #46. Which new pitcher, like former prospect Jesse Foppert, is a Bay Area native drafted out of USF? Which reliever found his way back to the Giants system after being traded away? Find out here.
December 6, 2005

Spiehs in Portland; Colt Morton seeing double

R.D. Spiehs has a fresh start in Portland and is making the most of it. Craig Breslow allowed more runs on Friday than he had all year. Don't run on Drew Macias. Colt Morton has his power stroke working double.
May 7, 2005

Two blown leads; two blowouts

Two blown leads and two blowouts were on the docket in the minors. Travis Chick was on in his Mobile debut while R.D. Spiehs was off. Matt Varner didn't close and Portland closed early. Jared Wells, meanwhile, built on the success of late last year.
April 10, 2005

From the AFL: RD Spiehs Interview

Most of the players in the Arizona Fall League know exactly what their role will be. Sure, some will develop more power, some will learn to make more contact, a select few might even change positions. But in general, by the time you get to the AFL, you've got a pretty good idea what is coming next. <br><br> What is coming next for R.D. Spiehs?
October 29, 2004

Padres Prospect Interview: RD Spiehs

R.D. Spiehs came from the hated San Francisco Giants organization in the deal that sent Matt Herges north. A former 33rd round pick in the 2001 draft, Spiehs has finally come into his own as a member of the San Diego Padres organization. He has been with the Mobile BayBears and he holds the bridge between starter and closer.
August 6, 2004

Travis Chick debuts; Paul McAnulty scare

Marty McLeary could be the pitcher the Padres need to face left-handed hitters. The righty has been phenomenal against them this year. Brad Baker sat out Monday and RD Spiehs could not close the deal. A scare in Lake Elsinore with Paul McAnulty running into the outfield wall. Travis Chick debuted for Fort Wayne and got the win while Drew Macias commented on his game winner Sunday. Clayton Hamilton got his first start, Yordany Ramirez more steals.
August 3, 2004

Losses mount for Padres minors as leads blown

Brian Buchanon homered in his second game with Portland. Eddie Oropesa blew up for one of the few times this season – with the Beavers. RD Spiehs has hit a rut and it is costing games. Kevin Beavers stepped in for Eddie Bonine and did a commendable job. Peter Ciofrone committed a mental error and it may not have affected the outcome of the game. Brian Burks blew the game in the ninth – a game that Eugene could have really used given their abysmal record. Peoria was two-hit on Saturday.
July 25, 2004