Losing Your Inheritance

Coming off of this weekend's series with Oakland, the Giants have a total of 30 losses. Officially, 9 of them belong to the bullpen. However, that isn't telling the whole story of the bullpen's woes, nor does it give any indication to the bullpen's biggest weakness.
June 23, 2003

After 3 Innings, the score for the Giants is 34-20

A look at how the Giants have done so far after a third of the season is over.
June 3, 2003

The Crystal (base)Ball: Giants vs Rockies Series

Ah, that sweet, so-thin-it-makes-breaking-pitches-toast, clean air of Colorado. The hum of the baseball humidifier plays background to the sounds of birds chirping and pitchers crying in the mighty Coors Field
May 24, 2003

Rewind: Giants vs Rockies, Game #1

After being swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Colorado Rockies were delighted to go back to their familiar field, Coors Field. Oh, what a sweet home coming it was – after being stifled for only 9 hits and 6 runs in the LA series, the Rockies busted out for 11 hits and ten runs to take the first game of the series.
May 23, 2003