Despite No Security, Tice Focused on Future

Vikings fans will get their most extended look at some players they have probably never heard of because Mike Tice is still working on the future of the organization despite his own future being in doubt. Plus, find out how Bears center Olin Kreutz fired back at Pat Williams.
December 28, 2005

Coaches Q&A, Part II: Dalton Talks Backups

Besides the three-man rotation at the top of the depth chart, the Vikings still have Ciatrick Fason and Adimchinobe Echemandu. Running backs coach Dean Dalton talks about what he has seen from them, if he has talked to Onterrio Smith and what the Vikings thought of a free-agent possibility this past offseason.
September 14, 2005

Echemandu's Big Chance

If Adimchinobe Echemandu is able to overcome back spasms from earlier in the week and play tonight in Seattle, he could see extended playing time and increase his chances to make the roster. If he can't fight through the back spasms, it would be another injury hampering his career.
September 2, 2005

NOTEBOOK: Bubble Player Gets Early Opportunity

While most of the starters were pulled earlier than expected, that revised plan played well for one Viking, who got an extended opportunity in the wake of injuries. Plus, get more than two dozen other game notes.
August 26, 2005