Is The Flaxseed Oil Defense Coming?

Just days away from the airing of what should be one of the sports highlights of a weekend filled with first-round NFL playoff games—Roger Clemens' interview with legendary journalist Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes—inane sports talk radio debate about the veteran pitcher's alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs is at an all-time high.
January 4, 2008

More Questions Than Answers

The Mitchell Report, which, in some instances, mentioned players solely as the result of one witnesses' testimony, circumstantial evidence and even hearsay, could scar some of the included players' images forever. And with a number of mere, simple allegations, merited or not, included in the lengthy report, did Mitchell really prove anything that eye-popping?
December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report Looming

Without question, today, December 13, 2007, is going to mark an eventful day in the history of the sport of baseball, as former Senator George Mitchell is expected to release his investigative report on the prevalence of steroid use in Major League Baseball over the past twenty years.
December 13, 2007

John Smoltz Interview

Braves' starter John Smoltz talks about his return to the rotation for the 2005 playoffs.
October 6, 2005