Beavs secure winning record

Only one column in the box score matters, but it's interesting to analyze the rest of the stats from the Stanford game for just a second.
February 26, 2005

Free throws, rebounds and Wildcats. Oh my!

If there&#8217;s one thing you can take away from Saturday night&#8217;s game, it&#8217;s that real life ain&#8217;t Hollywood. No matter how much excitement, how much momentum, how much underdog status, or how much Clyde &#8220;The Glide&#8221; Drexler you have, in the end, if you can&#8217;t make your free throws, you can&#8217;t rebound, and you get stuck with refs who call over 40 fouls in one game, you&#8217;ll probably end up losing. <br><br> Yes, Beaver fans, even at home.
January 24, 2005

Oregon State Basketball Preview

Young, inexperienced, and hungry are three words that personify the 2003 Oregon State basketball team. The youthful Beavers will be looking to establish their identity this season after losing their top three scorers, top two rebounders, blocked shot leader, and experienced leadership.
November 4, 2003