The Bizarre Battle for Fred Bledsoe

Fred Bledsoe went to bed in his Little Rock, Ark., home Tuesday night with Tennessee on his mind, but he awoke Wednesday morning to a sign from God that told him to forsake the Vols for the call of the Hogs.
February 5, 2004

With Hall Gone, Attention Turns To Bledsoe

You win some. You lose some. And some just even out.
February 3, 2004

Drama Builds in Bledsoe Battle

It might take the Arkansas national guard to get Fred Bledsoe out of the state.
February 2, 2004

Vols in Bold Battle For Bledsoe

Getting a stellar out-of-state football prospect, particularly in the south, is little like trying to pull an impacted wisdom tooth with a pair of chop sticks. It other words: it's a slow, tedious, excruciatingly painful process.
January 31, 2004

Will Bledsoe bleed orange?

Can Steve Caldwell do it again?<p> Tennessee's defensive ends coach has lured some quality prospects out of Arkansas in recent years -- Cedric Houston, Greg Jones, Bret Smith and Roshaun Fellows -- and now he's trying to add a big-time defensive tackle to the list.
January 26, 2004