BamaMag: Photo Gallery ll brings you a collection of photos taken from the sidelines during the A-Day game.
April 25, 2007

Defensive Reload

Alabama Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines was asked who would be coordinating things in the defensive secondary now that the expressive Roman Harper has departed from the Crimson Tide. Kines ripped off his first mind-bending analogy of the new season.
February 20, 2006

Shula weighs in post-Signing Day

Tide Head Coach Mike Shula began his post-signing-day press conference by characteristically deflecting the credit to others.
February 5, 2004

Marcus Carter Makes it Official

Auburn Commitment <b>Marcus Carter</b> had been rumored for weeks to make a switch to the Crimson Tide. Tonight, he made it official.
January 8, 2004

Bama recruiting notebook

There's a reason why newspapers frankly don't much like to cover recruiting. By its very nature, the process is incredibly fluid. Which means that often by the time a responsible writer develops and submits a good story to his editor, much of what he studiously researched and confirmed is out of date. <br><br>Passing along a few tidbits/updates from the Alabama recruiting trail.
January 8, 2004