Is the Price Right?

Brian Sabean has always been heralded by many as a genius when it came to midseason trades, but has he finally made a blunder? Did he give up too much in the trade for Sidney Ponson?
August 4, 2003

Win Now!

The Giants make a controversial and risky trade befitting a team that is serious about winning it all right now.
August 2, 2003

Transaction Analysis

Hours before the non-waiver trade deadline passed at 1 PM on July 31, the Giants finalized a deal with the Baltimore Orioles to bring starting pitcher Sidney Ponson to the Giants for the playoff run. Here's a look at who was gained, and who was lost.
July 31, 2003

Trade Deadline 101

Being a General Manager can be a difficult thing at certain times, but few times are as pressure filled as the mid-season Trading Deadline. The organization is looking at you for the perfect idea to push the team over the hump. The players are anxiously awaiting their fate, either if they'll be playing somewhere else, or replaced by a newcomer. And the fans are clamoring often for anything…and occasionally everything. So what's a savvy GM like Brian Sabean to do?
July 25, 2003

Oakland A's- 6/20-6/22 Series

After facing their division rivals in Los Angeles, the Giants travel back home (but not really) to face their Bay Area rivals in Oakland.The Giants salvage their lead in the NL West with a win in LA as they go against another streaking team, the Oakland A's, who have won six in a row coming into this weekend's series. Both teams are coming into this game confident and as competitive as ever, both wanting to be the winning headline in the Bay Area newspapers the next morning.
June 20, 2003

Rewind: Twins vs Giants, Game #2

Tonight, with Kurt Ainsworth on the disabled list, the San Francisco Giants send out rookie Jerome Williams to the mound, hoping that he could cool down the Twin bats and stop the 2 game losing streak.
June 5, 2003