Mike Phipps: No Complaints

The quarterback position has always been the focus of incredible scrutiny. While Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb wage battle for the starting job, it might be instructive to remember the case of Mike Phipps. Think Tim Couch has pressure? Imagine coming to the Browns in exchange for popular future HOF receiver Paul Warfield.For fans who have just found us in this past year, we are pleased to publish this article from an April 2002 issue of Bernies Insiders magazine.
May 13, 2003

A-Mays-ing! Browns vs. Pittsburgh, 1976

Bernies Insiders is proud to present this exclusive exerpt from Legends by the Lake: The Cleveland Browns at Municipal Stadium (University of Akron Press). The book recalls 15 of the Browns' most memorable games at their old home, based on interviews with nearly 40 ex-players, and profiles dozens of former Cleveland greats.
September 9, 1999