West Coast Rankings: 2004 SFs

The 2004 small forward class is definitely down this year, with only a handful of high major prospects in the group...
August 14, 2003

Daniel Fleming Update

In addition to being an intriguing basketball prospect, Daniel Fleming is a very good student. He's hearing from some top schools in the west and east...
August 11, 2003

Biggest Big Time Performers: Seniors

Rankings and lists are fallible for two reasons: 1) you never can get enough data, prone to under or overestimate a kid based on a game or two; 2) recruiting is an inexact science itself. Regardless, fans eat up rankings with a spoon, so I have taken my evaluations on the top 2004 Stanford recruits I watched in Las Vegas and give you my top five. Plus notes on the best of the rest.
August 5, 2003

Standouts from Rumble in the Bay

Memorial Day Weekend was hardly a time of rest for <i>The Bootleg</i>. In addition to detailed baseball coverage, we scouted a load of kids at the Rumble in the Bay AAU basketball tournament in Los Altos (CA). It was a good chance to get a pre-summer look at many of the best West Coast players, a few of which were new on the radar. Read on for the best looking kids in the 2004 and 2005 classes, plus a pair of football recruits who were hooping it up.
June 2, 2003