Perfect Fit: Pressley built for two-back NFL

Wisconsin fullback Chris Pressley has experience blocking for two different types of backs. If the Bills plan on employing a full-scale two-back system next season, Pressley may be a wise pick. BFR's Tyler Dunne talked to him for this draft profile...
January 21, 2009

Michigan Reaction - Chris Pressley

Frustrated with some lackadaisical effort at times by some of his teammates and just frustrated period, senior Chris Pressley is still not over UW's heart-breaking loss to Michigan.
September 28, 2008

Marshall Reaction - Chris Pressley

In his first game back from a wrist injury, Chris Pressley is back at fullback in hopes of bringing his intensity to the offense, which is going to be important this week in preparation for Wisconsin's first road trip of the season.
September 7, 2008

Pressley Prepares for Senior Season

After a breakout season last year which saw him become more than just a blocking back, senior fullback Chris Pressley has worked hard this off season to make his senior season the best of his career.
August 10, 2008