Rams' Report Card For 2004; A Mixed Bag

Now that the pain of seeing the season end in such a depressing manner last Saturday is subsiding, it's time to take one last look back at this tumultuous season before starting what will be the 2005 season in our minds. With some of the problems the Rams now face, looking back at a disappointing, but often exciting 2004 campaign may be an easier task than looking forward to this offseason.
January 22, 2005

Rams Win "One For The Ages", Make Playoffs

Any number of words could describe Sunday's 32-29 overtime victory by the Rams over the New York Jets, a win that sent the Rams to the NFL playoffs for the fourth time in five years.
January 4, 2005

Arizona Is Death Valley For 2004 Rams

It's fitting that the final death blow for the 2004 St. Louis Rams was set in a desert region defined by the absence of life. The fact that it happened against a team from Phoenix is just ironic, because there will be no rising from the ashes of the 31-7 thrashing the Cardinals put on the visiting Rams.
December 21, 2004

Rams Stampeded By Buffalo 37-17

Mike Martz may not think so right now, but others have traveled to Buffalo with more painful results than his St. Louis Rams. At the top of that list would be U.S. President William McKinley, who was shot there by an anarchist on Sept. 6, 1901. Not only did the bullet end his life, it also extended his stay in Buffalo for the eight days it took him to succumb. At least Martz and his .500 ballclub got to vamoose a few hours after a convincing 37-17 drubbing at the hands of the 3-6 Bills.
November 22, 2004