Carter Making Noise At The Plate

BUFFALO, NY - Outfielder Chris Carter did not draw much attention when he arrived in the Billy Wagner trade. But things are changing now that Carter is off to a red hot start with the Buffalo Bisons. Carter is simply mashing International League pitching at the moment and is creating buzz, at least among Mets fans, that he should get more looks as a bench player in New York.
May 7, 2010

Diamondbacks Prospect #47: P Emiliano Fruto

In August, the Arizona Diamondbacks exchanged slugging first base prospect Chris Carter for right-hander Emiliano Fruto. Carter ranked as the 9th best prospect in the system last year, while Fruto checks in at #47 this winter. What gives?
December 29, 2007

D-Backs trade Chris Carter for Emiliano Fruto

The Arizona Diamondbacks traded blocked power prospect Chris Carter to the Washington Nationals for power pitcher Emiliano Fruto. Carter was then immediately sent to Boston to complete the Wily Mo Pena trade.
August 21, 2007

FutureBacks Power Rankings: 2nd Half - Week 8

Justin Upton's batting average has been declining steadily all week, and his strikeout totals are beginning to pile up. Maybe scouting reports on #1 overall picks travel fast. Maybe Upton isn't as good of a hitter on the road. Maybe we all jumped the gun. Whatever the reason for his decline, Justin Upton no longer ranks as our #1 prospect after reigning supreme for three weeks.
August 20, 2007

FutureBacks Power Rankings: 2nd Half - Week 3

Justin Upton has finally been usurped for the top spot in the FutureBacks Power Rankings. The good news: It's not because Upton has performed poorly, as he has homered in his past two games. The bad news: The prospect replacing him may not be with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization at the end of the month. 35 prospects are ranked this week.
July 16, 2007

FutureBacks Power Rankings: 2nd Half - Week 2

We were afraid that by switching from a bi-weekly to a weekly format, the FutureBacks Power Rankings would not have a lot of movement from week-to-week. While the hottest prospect does remain the same, there was considerable movement throughout the rest of the list, including a player from this year's draft who has already made it into the top 5.
July 9, 2007

FutureBacks Power Rankings: 2nd Half Begins

The FutureBacks Power Rankings make their triumphant return, and they've put on weight since you've last seen them. Now that baseball is being played in the Northwest, we had to make room for more hot Arizona Diamondbacks prospects. The rankings have therefore expanded from 25 to 30 players, and will now appear every week for the remainder of the season.
July 2, 2007