Walking with Ernie

T-Dog pointed me to an article this morning that I wanted to share via the front page. This is out of the Racine, Wisconsin Journal-Times and describes <A HREF="http://www.journaltimes.com/articles/2004/03/16/local_sports/iq_2769810.txt">the sad state of sport</A> within the context of the writer's "conversation" with late Browns great <A HREF="http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=149&p=8&c=1&nid=754547">Ernie Davis</A>. Worth reading if you have a minute or two to spare...
March 16, 2004

A Blood Disorder

We Browns fans have been through a lot over the last twenty-five years. Playoff disappointments and franchise moves have helped to make us a tough and resilient bunch. But what we can only barely sense what Browns fans were going through when they opened their newspapers 41 years ago today...
August 1, 2003

Top 100 Browns of All-Time: 91 - 101

As threatened - check that - promised, here is Part 1 of Doc Gonzo's Top 100 Cleveland Browns Players of All-Time. We're tracking the Top 100 via our countdown chart (<A HREF="http://browns.theinsiders.com/3/top100.html">click here</A>). Got a question, comment, or argument - talk back to Doc via the <A HREF="http://insiders2.ezboard.com/fbrownsinsiderfrm34">Top 100 Forum</A>.
May 27, 2003