Gilmore Flourishing "Under the Radar"

EVERETT, Wash. - Quick trivia question: how many 31st round draft picks can you name? Nothing? Not one? If you're drawing a blank right now, you're probably not alone. Late round draft picks aren't exactly the cream of the baseball crop, generally speaking. These are the guys that end up either putting their college degrees to good use or making a career out of playing minor league ball.
August 27, 2005

Baseball: Quick Hits

The 2005 season for Stanford Baseball may be over, but the summer is a busy time for players and news. We have learned that one major league club has successfully signed two of the Cardinal juniors they drafted last week. A couple other big talents drafted from that class, however, may be returning to The Farm. Also learn some of the summer leagues where Stanford standouts are playing.
June 18, 2005

Bootleg Video: Jeff Gilmore

We know who Stanford's top two picks next week will be in the MLB First-Year Player Draft. After "Jed & Junior" go in the first two rounds, there should be several more Cardinal players selected. Jeff Gilmore will be near the top of that group, after putting together a 20-4 record the last two years. We talked with the junior righty this week about his draft prospects and preparedness for pro baseball.
June 2, 2005