RamView : From The Couch

(Report and opinions on the game.) Preseason Game #3: Bills 28, Rams 24<br> The Rams lose a refreshingly competitive game to the Bills, but most of the key players play well.<br> Bright spots: Warner and Bulger are sharp again, and Marshall Faulk is back!
August 24, 2003

Rams Offense Lays an Egg in Oakland

Describing the first quarter of the St. Louis Rams 2003 pre-season opener in Oakland as "ugly", equates to calling the late Odai Hussein "intense". This was freaky Friday, sports fans, as ugly as your grandpa's pajamas, as the Rams offense and special teams fulfilled every possible dire prediction their fans have going into the season.
August 9, 2003

RamView - From The Couch

RamView, August 8, 2003 From The Couch<br> (Report and opinions on the game.) <br> Preseason Game #1: Raiders 7, Rams 6<br> Familiar story for the Rams in Oakland, as they are done in by turnovers and poor special teams.<br> Bright spots: Standout defense; good performances from RBs Lamar Gordon and Arlen Harris.
August 9, 2003