Doc Gonzo's Top 100: #71 - 80

Doc Gonzo continues list the Cleveland Browns greats of the past and present with this installment counting up to #71. With controversy still buzzing over last Friday's article, we've asked one Browns fan to contribute his own list, and are looking for one or two more who are willing to try their hand as well. <A HREF="">What do you think? Talk about the Top 100 here!</A>
June 4, 2003

Top 100 Browns of All-Time: 91 - 101

As threatened - check that - promised, here is Part 1 of Doc Gonzo's Top 100 Cleveland Browns Players of All-Time. We're tracking the Top 100 via our countdown chart (<A HREF="">click here</A>). Got a question, comment, or argument - talk back to Doc via the <A HREF="">Top 100 Forum</A>.
May 27, 2003