A look at the upcoming cuts

The Bengals must cut eight more players before Tuesday to reach the NFL's mandatory 65-player limit. The final cut-down date comes a week from Sunday on Aug. 31 when all teams must be down to 53 players. In all, the Bengals must release 20 players from their current roster. <br><br>Here's a quick run down of where each position group stands.
August 23, 2003

Pre-Game Assessment, and Notes

The first time out for coach Darrin Simmons and his special teams unit really couldn't have gone much worse than it did last week in the preseason opener against the New York Jets. <br><br> Neither Nick Harris nor Travis Dorsch punted well, averaging 38.1 yards on seven combined punts. Those in front of them didn't block well or cover kicks well, and Harris dropped not one but two snaps on placement attempts by kicker Neil Rackers.
August 15, 2003

Washington Update and Team Notes

<b>GEORGETOWN, Ky. –</b> Kelley Washington missed the Bengals 28-13 opening preseason loss against the New York Jets this past Sunday because, according to comments made by his agent Glenn Rosenberg to The Cincinnati Post Monday evening, the doctor who performed surgery on the wide receiver's neck last November wanted to make sure himself that Cincinnati's third-round pick was OK to play.
August 11, 2003

Coaches Happy with Scrimmage Story

<b>GEORGETOWN, Ky. –</b> This is the way of training camp. Day in and day out, teammates pound on each other in the hopes of showing something to the coaches who don't really know what they've got. The coaches have seen the tapes from college or from past seasons, but until they see a player in person for a repeated number of days, they just don't know about the player.
August 2, 2003

Lewis, Bengals open camp strong

<b>GEORGETOWN, Ky.</b> – It's been four days since Marvin Lewis and the Bengals opened up training camp. The initial hype of camp has died down some, allowing the players and coaches to develop a routine as the first week nears its end.
August 1, 2003