Passan: Justice Is Served

The Hall of Fame's Seniors Committee has overturned years of frustration for the many Browns fans who felt that Gene Hickerson should be enshrined in Canton. The entire football world will soon get to know what Browns fans have known for years...
February 3, 2007

Finally! Hickerson in the Hall of Fame

Today the NFL has finally voted to enshrine all-time great offensive guard Gene Hickerson in the sports Hall of Fame. The long-overdue honor will become official in August, as Hickerson gets recognition for paving the way for fellow Hall-of-Fameers Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly. Congratulations to Gene and to all the Browns fans who have pulled so hard for his enshrinement all these years!
February 3, 2007

Hickerson Nominated by HOF Senior Committee

The great Browns guard may finally get the recognition his accomplishments merit...
August 23, 2006

Cleveland-Baltimore: 1964 / 2004

Bernie's Insiders Wednesday columnist Les Levine takes a look at last Sunday's game against the Baltimore, and the tremendous changes in the game since another memorable Cleveland - Baltimore contest. Here's this week's installment from the Voice of Truth and Reason...<br><br>
September 15, 2004